'Leaders, staff and governors are strongly committed to pupils' safety and well-being.'
'Staff are united in their committment and ambition for all pupils to do their best.'
Ofsted May 2017
Abbots Way, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire, ST5 2ES.
Telephone: 01782 694580

Home School Child Agreement

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Although we no longer need to have a Home ~ School Agreement, at Friarswood we believe it important that children, parents and school work together in order to achieve the best outcomes for their child. By following this agreement, everyone knows how we can create the best opportunities.


Home ~ School ~ Child Agreement


Friarswood School aims to:

ü  Create a caring, safe and stimulating environment encouraging your child to take care of their surroundings and others around them.

ü  Plan and provide a broad and balanced curriculum and meet the individual needs of your child.

ü  The teachers will inform parents about what they will teach and through the Curriculum Links letter and Website, show how parents can help their children with their learning.

ü  Encourage your child to do their best at all times.

ü  Keep you informed when we think there are any issues regarding your child’s work or behaviour and advise you upon actions.

ü  Encourage your child to develop confidence and a respect for others in order to become a caring member of the community.

ü  Arrange parent’s evenings three times a year to discuss progress and agree your child’s next stage of development and targets.

ü  To provide a written school report at the end of the year.

ü  Provide information for parents during the year about school events and whole school initiatives.


Headteacher’s Signature:

 Mrs L Wilmer



Family aims to:

ü  Make sure your child arrives at school between 8:45am and 8:55am.   (Nursery children start school at 8:45am)

ü  Ensure your child attends school regularly and provide a note or phone call if your child is away is on the first day of absence.

ü  Make sure your child is suitably dressed for school and is well equipped for all lessons e.g. PE kit, swimming kit.  Your child also needs suitable outdoor clothing/coats etc depending on the weather.

ü  Attend parent’s evenings to discuss your child’s progress.

ü  Support the school’s behaviour policy.

ü  Support your child in opportunities for home learning and homework.

ü  Ensure your child looks after the school’s property if taken home e.g. home school reading diaries, library/reading books, football kits etc.


Parent’s signature:



Child aims to:

ü  I will look after all property in the school and its grounds.

ü  I will be friendly, polite and helpful towards others.

ü  I will do my best at all times and follow the school rules.


Child’s name:



The ABC of Friarswood School

(Agreed Behaviour Contract)

We have read the school rules and the behaviour policy issued by the school.  Our son/daughter will strive to abide by the rules of the school.  We understand the rewards for doing so.  We understand the consequences if the rules are broken.


Parent and Child’s signature: