'Leaders, staff and governors are strongly committed to pupils' safety and well-being.'
'Staff are united in their committment and ambition for all pupils to do their best.'
Ofsted May 2017
Abbots Way, Newcastle-under-Lyme, Staffordshire, ST5 2ES.
Telephone: 01782 694580

End of year letter

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Dear Parents / Careers,

We’ve finally reached the end of a very busy and very successful year at Friarswood.

Our results for all of the children have been great.  As a school, we have made the best progress yet.  This is definitely down to the hard work and resilience of the children, the absolute dedication of a wonderful team of staff and you the parents for supporting your child’s learning and development.

We’ve got so many super memories of this year; from the class assemblies to the class trips, the visitors in school and the outdoor learning opportunities, to the lovely comments off parents and the very positive Ofsted visit.  It really has been a year to remember.

It’s also a sad time as we say farewell to some of our team.  Mrs Lockey, Mrs Master, Mrs Allen and Miss Eagles are all leaving us this term.  Although we know we are not the only school which has had to make redundancies, it is still a change which we really didn’t want.  And, although Mrs Lockey has decided herself that she’s moving on, we are extremely sad to see her leave.  All of the ladies have supported so many children in so many ways.  I know several families are eternally grateful for the nurture which these ladies have given to their children.  We wish them lots of good fortune as they move on to pastures new.  They will definitely be missed.

Mrs Manning, who has been covering Miss Goodwin’s maternity leave and Mrs Mangham, who has been supporting some children in Year 3, leave us today.  They have been a wonderful support in school.  We wish them well in the future.

We are also saying a fond farewell to some of our long standing PTA members, Mr Barker and Mrs Wright.  They have supported the PTA for many years and spent a lot of their own time supporting the PTA in raising much needed funds for our children.  We are extremely grateful for all of their time and dedication, their continued loyalty and their constant smiles in all of the events.  A massive THANK YOU off everyone.

We also say a huge goodbye to our Year 6 children.  The Year 6 children started in Reception class at the same time I started at Friarswood.  I have seen them grow and change, laugh and cry, play and work and most of all I am thrilled to say that I have seen them all achieve personally, socially and academically.  Every single one of these children has a wonderful talent.  They are all different and unique to them.  The staff here at Friarswood have the pleasure in seeing these talents sometimes on a regular basis, sometimes every now and then.  We are so proud of their achievements as I am sure their parents are.  Everyone at Friarswood wishes them every success at their high school.  I really hope they follow their dreams and continue to grow from strength to strength.

A message from the staff …

A huge thank you for the many cards with such lovely, kind words in and the very generous gifts that have been given.  It’s so good to know that the hard work and effort and the ‘going the extra mile’ for the children is appreciated by so many.  THANK YOU.

I wish you all a lovely, sunny Summer break.  I hope you all manage to have the chance to spend some time with your families and I hope the sunny weather returns very soon.  Please reiterate to your children about staying safe whilst out and about.  I look forward to seeing everyone safe and sound on Tuesday 5th September.

Thank you as ever for your continuing support.

Mrs Wilmer and the team at Friarswood Primary School.